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  • Spandan Purohit

Do I really need to spend a fortune for logo?

The image consists of items typically used by a designer to make a logo. Like pencils, Sketches, Books, Laptop and smartphone.

Honestly, most businesses don't need a logo. But if we look closely, most businesses are House painters, Maids, Cleaners, Lawn-mowers, Massage therapists, etc. They have a business card and that's all they need. A customized upmarket logo would be an avoidable expanse for them.

But when referrals and word-of-mouth just don't cut it for a well-grown business, they need to start marketing themselves. And that's where an upmarket customized Logo comes in. Similarly for new brands that wanna leave a mark, Having a Logo is a big help in entering into the customer's subconscious.

Another reason to invest in a good logo is that it gives you an edge over your competitors by making your brand look more authentic. You may not need a logo when you're the only bar in the town. But when another bar opens in the area and starts luring your valued customers away, A good brand identity is your prime savior.

We emphasize having the logo customized because a logo is the essence of the brand. It does not just represent you on your socials, website, and cards, but it speaks for the brand itself. We have covered the importance of a logo appropriate to your business needs. But to answer your question, If you are reading this blog then the high possibility is that you need a logo. And you are at the right place! Here at bored and brilliant, we take pride in making memorable logos. Designed by experts in the field. Click here to contact us and get started.

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